Aqua Cocoon©

This new product, based in the equipped Vitox tap Bag in Box, lets you have 10 liters of fresh spring water available in every moment to all users for a better daily hydration.

Compact, without complicated instructions and hygienically safe by using a vacuum-sealed bag, this new fully recyclable packaging is also suitable for a mobile use and for its use with Aqueduct water cooler range.bib

  • high quality spring water from the mountains
  • the only water distribution system without sanitary maintenance needed
  • 100 % hygienic
  • accessible to all users thanks to its lighter weight
  • a 100% effective storage due to its unique use and its compact size
  • an ecological system thanks to its packaging designed to be 100 % recycled
  • a special design made for professional water coolers
  • protected in a sealed package guaranteeing its purity and conservation for several weeks, not exposed to light