Canaletas has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of water coolers, drinking fountains and water dispensers, all made from stainless steel, well known for their high quality and multiple features.


A recognized European manufacturer, with its head office in Barcelona (Spain), a city of great industrial integrity, Canaletas is considered a pioneer in the sector and a market leader. With more than 900 distributors in Spain and delegation in Madrid, it covers the entire peninsula.

Exportation is one of the fundamental parts of the business, being present in the principal geographic areas of the world and working in cooperation with consolidated distributors. Experience in different areas with different consumer habits means Canaletas boasts a great knowledge of the sector and brings new products to each market.

Canaletas offers a wide range of products, with more than 40 models that cover the diverse needs of our clients in terms of use, performance and budget. Self made products that are complemented by filters to treat the water and a wide range of carefully selected accessories.

It has its own technical service covering the main areas of the domestic market to offer our customers a specialized service and available water sources always in perfect condition.

An active member of the main sector associations, Canaletas participates in the various technical and normalization committees with the objective of encouraging adequate use of water coolers, promoting the highest standards in the sector and avoiding practices considered unethical.

Canaletas belongs to the following associations, some since the establishment:

EBWA (European Bottle Water Cooler Association)
EPWA (European Point of use Water Cooler Association)
ADEAC (Spanish Bottle Water Cooler Association)
AQUA ESPAÑA (Spanish Association of Water Treatment)
GBWA (German Bottle Water Cooler Association)

The principal philosophy of the business is in the quality of its products, this can be seen in the careful selection of all the different components and extensive quality controls during the manufacturing process, in such that 100% of the products undergo complete verification before their distribution.