Electronic and elegant: the high range water coolerM9ID

  • Exclusive and elegant design, created for more demanding environments.
  • Electronically operated with different coloured illuminated buttons to easily select the desired water. Models with sparkling water.
  • Improved hygiene tap water, taps are covered and separated from the buttons, avoiding contact by different users.
  • Locking system and audible alarm if the drip-tray is full.
  • Easy installation: only requires water supply and electrical connection. Used with cups.
  • Cooling system through stainless steel coil, high efficiency and hygienic.
  • Superior quality. Made from A-304 stainless steel.
  • Easily regulated cold-water temperature (thermostat).
  • With wheels to facilitate movement.
  • Optional cup dispenser attachable to the water cooler or to the wall.
  • The installation of a purification filter is recommended for better water quality.




Four buttons: cold water, room temperature, hot water and security.