Ideal water cooler for any business or environment

  • Attractive and elegant design. Ideal for any surrounding, especially in a business-working environment.
  • Easy installation: only requires water supply and electrical connection.
  • Doesn’t require drainage. Used with cups.
  • Cooling system through stainless steel coil, high efficiency and hygiene.
  • Superior quality. Made from A-304 stainless steel.
  • Easily regulated cold water temperature (thermostat).
  • With wheels to facilitate movement.
  • M-72: Hot water model with a temperature of up to 85 ºC.
  • Easy to remove high capacity drip-tray.
  • Optional cup dispenser attachable to the water cooler or the wall.
  • The installation of a purification filter is recommended for better water quality.



Cold tap.
Room temperature tap.

Model with hot water to prepare tea, coffee…
Cold tap.
Hot tap.