38mm TLJ Sports Cap

350_Silgan_Closures_EuropeCode                                        350
Thread                                    38mm 2 Start Hot Fill
Material                                  PP, LDPE
Seal Type                                IHS Foil Liner
Tamper Evidence                Dual Drop Down Retained Bands
Container                               PET
Attributes                               Suitable For Hot Fill Applications


  • Compatible with Hot Fill and Cold Fill Applications
  • Dust Cover can be supplied seperately for Post-fill application
  • Retained folded band on base cap for excellent Tamper Evident (TE) and low application loads
  • Highly visible TE ring on the spout for extra security
  • Closure suitable for high speed application
  • For Non Alcoholic and Non Carbonated Beverages, Water, Flavoured Water, Juice, Isotonic, RTD Tea
  • Available in a wide range or Standard colours, custom colours available subject to minimum volumes


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